Hotels in Cagliari, what to see and do

Christmas and New Year 2023 in Cagliari: what to do?

What to do on Christmas and New Year's Eve in Cagliari? In addition to recommending that you stay at our Birkin Hotels, in Cagliari's historic center...

Spring is back: 5 things to do in Cagliari in springtime

Spring in Cagliari is pure magic: the mild temperatures, warm but not too warm, will make you experience the places in the City in a unique way...

Sardinia around the corner: 3 itineraries starting from Birkin Hotels

Visiting Sardinia starting from Cagliari, is ideal, so we propose 3 itineraries for you to experience in autumn, evocative...
Poetto beach Cagliari

Poetto Beach: sun, sea and sport

The Poetto Beach, also known as the "beach of the hundred thousand" is the sandy coastline of the...

Museums of Cagliari: the route that lets you discover them all

Cagliari is a city rich in museums, which tell and preserve its history and traditions...
Bastion Saint Remy Cagliari

Cagliari in one day: the places not to be missed

Discovering the city of Cagliari in just one day is not easy, but with this article...
Birkin Hotel Molentargius

Molentargius Park: immerse yourself in nature

A few kilometers from the city and the Poetto beach, the beautiful Park of Molentargius...