Springtime in Cagliari: find out how to spend a vacation in the City dedicated to sports and nature

Springtime in Cagliari is a unique experience: vibrant colors, intense fragrances, mild weather and less crowded tourist sites than in the high season. 

Months such as May and June turn out to be the ideal time to visit Cagliari. The season is perfect for immersing yourself in the city's culture and feeling, including sports, outdoor activities and a bubbly atmosphere, the kind that typically characterizes the beginning of summer. Here are some ideas on how to actively spend your next vacation in Cagliari if you choose to visit in the coming months.

Walks to discover the parks and the historic center

In spring, Cagliari's parks transform into true enchanted gardens. Deciding to visit one is undoubtedly a good idea if during your short vacation in the City you seek relaxation, clean air and a balancing environment. Super recommended visit after spending a few hours between climbs and steps discovering the city's historic center.

In Monte Urpinu Park and Public Gardens, you can admire the local flora in bloom and enjoy a quiet break away from the city chaos. In the Molentargius-Saline Natural Park, on the other hand, you can choose to enjoy more dynamic experiences: from biking to horseback riding or a silent walk to practice bird watching the world-famous pink flamingos.

Don't miss a walk in the brand new Nervi Park, in Località Su Siccu, in front of the port area. The urban redevelopment of the whole area puts the Park at the center of the green zone where you can take a walk, have a sweet breakfast while looking at the sea, have a drink, eat a traditional dish and listen to good music at sunset.

Getting lost in the narrow streets of Cagliari's historic center is a free experience you can't pass up, especially in spring, which, thanks to its mild climate, allows you not to struggle too much while walking through the winding and often uphill streets. Admiring the historic buildings, churches, viewpoints and picturesque corners, breathing in the atmosphere of the individual neighborhood around you at every step, will give you a better understanding of the City of Cagliari, its history and uniqueness.

In the Marina, a stone's throw from the eponymous Birkin Marina and Birkin Port, you will feel the strong call of the sea and the very nearby harbor. You will immerse yourself in a multi-ethnic culture, in narrow streets characterized by tall colorful buildings, ancient churches and crypts. The Marina district is definitely the beating heart of city life.

Climbing to the top of the Castello district, on the other hand, it will be immediate to understand that you are in what once housed the nobility and the most important classes of the City. Here, just a short walk from our Alberto diffuso Birkin Castello, you can immerse yourself in Cagliari's religious history with a free visit to the Cathedral of Santa Maria, walk the streets overlooked by the Pisan Towers of the Elephant and San Pancrazio, and admire breathtaking views and sunsets from the terraces of the Bastions, from the Saint Remy to the Santa Chiara.

Do you want to discover Cagliari, its parks and historic districts in a unique way? For the guests of our facilities we have designed immersive experiences and exclusive offers, in collaboration with local tour guides and professionals. Book your room and request information about Birkin Experiences!

Cagliari: city of sports!

If you say Cagliari, especially in spring, you are bound to think of the endless list of sports activities this City offers and allows you to do, even without experience. Starting from the sea, the City is full of surf schools, wind and kite surfing, kayaking, sup and sailing schools that will allow you to try your hand, even in a very short time, at the most beloved water sports.

If you then love to practice outdoor sports, even on your own, such as a bike or rollerblade ride, a run, a game of beach volleyball or beach tennis, the Poetto waterfront is the perfect location! If the temperature is high enough, after your sporting activity you can rest in the sun, take a rejuvenating swim in the sea, and finally eat at one of the many kiosks and restaurants available in the area.

For the more adventurous, we undoubtedly recommend thehike to Devil's Saddle. This trek leads to the top of the hill called precisely "Devil's Saddle" that rises above the city's coastline, offering one of the most iconic views of the City. The trail is fairly easy to walk and short in duration, where you can see archaeological remains, an ancient coastal tower and military forts. At the end of the trail, at the top of the Saddle, you are rewarded by the breathtaking view of the crystal clear sea of the Gulf of Cagliari, from which to watch the sunset or take unforgettable panoramic photographs.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for visiting Cagliari in spring. Check out our facilities in the City and book your next vacation in Cagliari!


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