Spring is back: 5 things to do in Cagliari in springtime

Spring in Cagliari is pure magic: the mild temperatures, warm but not too warm, will make you experience the city in a unique way, surrounded by the colours and scents that only this season can give us. 

Spring is finally back! In Cagliari, from the end of March to the beginning of June, it is truly magical. Today, therefore, we want to give you (at least) 5 good reasons to organise your next holiday in Cagliari in spring, telling you about places, events and traditions that you should not miss. In order to help you organise your trip, we will associate each of them with a Birkin structure where we suggest you stay, perfect for its proximity or atmosphere.

1. Sea scent: first bath of the season in Cagliari

The beaches of Cagliari, from March to June, are the ideal place to enjoy the first bath, the first tan and the first plate of spaghetti vongole e bottarga (spaghetti with clams and mullet roe) facing the sea of the season, preferably accompanied by a good glass of Vermentino.

Poetto, Calamosca, Cala Fighera, but also the small beach of Borgo Sant'Elia, as we have already told you in this old article, are all you need if you are looking for beautiful but uncrowded places, easily accessible by car, bus or bicycle, and surrounded by services and activities such as bars and restaurants. The water will certainly be freezing, but for the most daring it will be impossible to give up a regenerating bath in the crystal-clear waters of Cagliari.

The Birkin property we recommend? Without a doubt the Birkin ApartmentsThe Birkin Apartments are located just outside the Regional Park of Molentargius, from which you can reach, in a few minutes and by any means, the beaches of Cagliari. For the most dynamic ones, in the structure it will be possible to request theuse of bicycles, so you can venture first inside the Park and then reach the long beach of Poetto.

2. Holy Week in Cagliari: rites and ancient traditions

The Easter and Easter Monday bridge is definitely the ideal time to enjoy a few extra days in Cagliari. In addition to enjoying good weather and uncrowded beaches, during the week of 17 and 18 April, i.e. Easter and Easter Monday, it will also be possible to attend the traditional rites of Holy Week.

In Cagliari, the Holy Week evokes centuries-old rites and traditions, which after the stop of the last two years, in 2022 it will be nice to finally rediscover, with ceremonies of medieval and Iberian origin, processions and events mainly held in the historic centre of Cagliari, then in the districts of Marina, Villanova and Stampace, and organised by the ancient confraternities of the city.

Holy Week begins with the Procession of the Mysteries, held on the Friday before Palm Sunday, during which seven simulacra are carried to the seven churches in the historic centre. The most important day for the faithful is Good Friday, during which the procession is celebrated accompanied by traditional songs and the sounds of drums. Finally, on Easter Sunday, 17 April, the Meeting takes place, i.e. the procession in which the simulacra of Christ and the Madonna are reunited.

Given the central location where the rites and processions will be held, we recommend staying in our Birkin Marinain the heart of the district of the same name and a stone's throw from Villanova and Stampace.

3. Feast of Sant'Efisio, a rite that unites

Spring is special for Cagliari for many reasons. Among them, there is undoubtedly the celebration of the most important religious rite of the year, not only for the city of Cagliari, but also for the neighbouring towns. On the first of May in Cagliari, in addition to celebrating Workers' Day, you can also attend the traditional and evocative Feast of Sant'Efisio, which this year celebrates its 364th edition.

The procession, or rather the pilgrimage that will accompany the Saint from Cagliari to Pula, opens with the traditional oxcarts from the Campidano area, followed by the numerous folk groups from all over the island, then followed by the horses and the chariot hosting Sant'Efisio. The procession, starting from Via Azuni, will follow the traditional route through the Stampace district, before heading towards the Church of Giorgino. On 4 May the event closes with the return of the Saint from the city of Pula, at around 10 pm.

The ritual is strongly felt by the island's inhabitants. An event that we advise you not to miss if you choose to visit Cagliari between the end of April and the beginning of May. To sleep, in this case, we recommend our Birkin Porto 1870 which, with its central position in Via Roma, will allow you to experience the whole event from the front row.

4. Museums and cultural events

In Cagliari, spring brings good news also in the cultural world. Events, exhibitions and guided tours enliven the city and make it even more special for those who choose to visit for a short weekend.

So let's start with the next FAI Spring Daysscheduled for 26 and 27 March, during which it will be possible to visit the Saline Conti Vecchi in Cagliari, an industrial archaeological site dating back to the 1930s, which will be presented through period settings, historical documents and immersive video projections.

Until 12 June, at the Galleria dello Sperone in the Bastione Saint Remy, you can visit the new temporary exhibition Galileo Galilei - Measuring infinity. Ideal to visit with children, but also a lot of fun for adults, it displays the reconstruction of the scientist's machines alongside twelve works from the Civic Museums' Contemporary Art Collection .

Until 22 May,EXMA is hosting the temporary exhibition "You can't kill time with your heart"the exhibition designed by Salvatore Campus, shows the paintings of Silvia Mei, Narcisa Monni, Veronica Paretta, Vincenzo Pattusi, Paolo Pibi and Giuliano Sale, the artistic generation of the 1970s and 1980s, travellers and connoisseurs of the world, but always linked to their origins.

In this case, we recommend that you stay in our Birkin Castle. The neighbourhood that houses it is also home to the city's most important museums and cultural centres.

5. Nature and... tulips

Since we are in spring, we cannot fail to mention an interesting excursion outside the city that you could make during your spring stay in Cagliari. For a few years now, in spring, in the villages of Turri and Pimentel, it is possible to visit two beautiful tulip gardens that celebrate the blossoming of this flower.

The first, in the municipality of Turri, known as "Tulips in Sardinia"It is possible to visit the garden and buy the beautiful, freshly cut tulips by prior booking. The second, located in the municipality of Pimentel and called "The garden of Lu"can also be visited and the flowers purchased. The latter disseminates and supports important research, training and information projects on ovarian cancer, as well as charitable and voluntary initiatives organised by the Association of the same name.

The former is about 50 minutes from Cagliari, the latter only half an hour. A half-day trip out of town, which will allow you to get to know another side of the island in this beautiful and fragrant season.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for visiting Cagliari in spring. Follow us to discover more, for all tastes and all seasons, on the blog and on our social networks.


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