Hotels in Cagliari, what to see and do

Christmas and New Year 2023 in Cagliari: what to do?

So yes, although the warm season has been slow to leave us and November has been delighting us with beautiful days of sun and sea, Christmas is only a month away. As of a few days ago, the air has become crisper in Cagliari as well, and the City is preparing to finally host the winter season, welcoming it with unmissable events between December and January 2023.

In this article, we will try to introduce you to the events, exhibitions and shows scheduled in the coming weeks in Cagliari, and give you good ideas so you can answer "I'm going to Cagliari" to this season's most dreaded question: "What are you doing on New Year's Eve?!"

Exhibitions and events at the Museum

Van Gogh has arrived in Cagliari! FromNovember 11 to February 5, the Manifattura Tabacchi is hosting. Van Gogh - The Immersive Experience, the multimedia exhibition dedicated to the Dutch artist. Through the installation, which thanks to an innovative 3D mapping projection system allows you to literally walk on the artist's paintings, you will be captured by the fascination of his art for a super immersive experience.

PS: Our Birkin Marina is just a few meters from the Manifattura. It could be perfect for your stay in the historic center, discovering Cagliari.

Staying on the topic of interactive exhibitions, we recommend that you do not miss Nuragica, the exhibition that will allow you to travel through time, dedicated to the ancient civilization of the Sardinians. The journey unfolds inside the Palazzo Chapelle in Via Roma, 191, in an immersive path from which you can relive, among perfect sets and settings, villages, nuraghi, characters and rituals of the time. The journey ends with a Virtual Reality experience, the first in Sardinia entirely dedicated to the Nuragic period.

Christmas events and shows for children

In Cagliari, the Christmas air is strong in the historic center, amid illuminations, hot chocolates and the inevitable Christmas Markets: 40 little wooden houses that will host artisans, hobbyists and local producers, starting Dec. 1, between Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza Yenne.

Continuing to talk about markets, from December 15 to 18 the Lazaretto of St. Elias will host the Creative Corner Market, the event organized by the Amazing*Us association and gathering all weekend designers, artisans, illustrators from which to choose unique and special Christmas gifts.

For the little ones, don't miss the Santa's Castle, the event organized in the charming San Michele Castle, starting onDecember 8. The Castle, a medieval fortress of the City of Cagliari, will be transformed into the home of Santa Claus for ten days. A different, exciting, but also fun way to bring children closer to Cagliari's cultural sites.

New Year's Eve in Cagliari? Concerts and events

In recent weeks the highly anticipated New Year's Eve Concert in Cagliari with Blanco has been confirmed to be held, like the memorable times, between Via Roma and Largo Carlo Felice. Cagliari is preparing to host at least 20,000 people for the last night of the year. Our facilities, being right in the center, turn out to be the ideal solution to rest after attending the concert.

Cagliari's historic center, squares and ramparts, as every year will also host other, smaller events that will enliven the City until late at night.

Also confirmed are concerts at the Teatro Lirico, including Claudio Baglioni 's Dec. 30 concert, Twelve Notes Solo Bis, the event showcasing the extraordinary career of the artist, winner of the 2022 Tenco Prize.

Where to sleep in Cagliari for New Year's Eve? Obviously at the Birkin Hotels!

The location of our facilities, in particular of Birkin Port e Birkin Marina, both overlooking Via Roma, will allow you to serenely enjoy the New Year's Eve concert, all the events and entertainment planned for New Year's Eve among the streets of the historic center, without sacrificing comfort and convenience, but also theChristmas air should you decide to spend just a few days Cagliari, between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

In all facilities you will have, included in the price, our delicious breakfast: the best way to start the New Year in the right direction, with the many proposals both sweet and savory.

Check availability and book your room Birkin Hotel!

Spring is back: 5 things to do in Cagliari in springtime

Spring in Cagliari is pure magic: the mild temperatures, warm but not too warm, will make you experience the city in a unique way, surrounded by the colours and scents that only this season can give us. 

Spring is finally back! In Cagliari, from the end of March to the beginning of June, it is truly magical. Today, therefore, we want to give you (at least) 5 good reasons to organise your next holiday in Cagliari in spring, telling you about places, events and traditions that you should not miss. In order to help you organise your trip, we will associate each of them with a Birkin structure where we suggest you stay, perfect for its proximity or atmosphere.

1. Sea scent: first bath of the season in Cagliari

The beaches of Cagliari, from March to June, are the ideal place to enjoy the first bath, the first tan and the first plate of spaghetti vongole e bottarga (spaghetti with clams and mullet roe) facing the sea of the season, preferably accompanied by a good glass of Vermentino.

Poetto, Calamosca, Cala Fighera, but also the small beach of Borgo Sant'Elia, as we have already told you in this old article, are all you need if you are looking for beautiful but uncrowded places, easily accessible by car, bus or bicycle, and surrounded by services and activities such as bars and restaurants. The water will certainly be freezing, but for the most daring it will be impossible to give up a regenerating bath in the crystal-clear waters of Cagliari.

The Birkin property we recommend? Without a doubt the Birkin ApartmentsThe Birkin Apartments are located just outside the Regional Park of Molentargius, from which you can reach, in a few minutes and by any means, the beaches of Cagliari. For the most dynamic ones, in the structure it will be possible to request theuse of bicycles, so you can venture first inside the Park and then reach the long beach of Poetto.

2. Holy Week in Cagliari: rites and ancient traditions

The Easter and Easter Monday bridge is definitely the ideal time to enjoy a few extra days in Cagliari. In addition to enjoying good weather and uncrowded beaches, during the week of 17 and 18 April, i.e. Easter and Easter Monday, it will also be possible to attend the traditional rites of Holy Week.

In Cagliari, the Holy Week evokes centuries-old rites and traditions, which after the stop of the last two years, in 2022 it will be nice to finally rediscover, with ceremonies of medieval and Iberian origin, processions and events mainly held in the historic centre of Cagliari, then in the districts of Marina, Villanova and Stampace, and organised by the ancient confraternities of the city.

Holy Week begins with the Procession of the Mysteries, held on the Friday before Palm Sunday, during which seven simulacra are carried to the seven churches in the historic centre. The most important day for the faithful is Good Friday, during which the procession is celebrated accompanied by traditional songs and the sounds of drums. Finally, on Easter Sunday, 17 April, the Meeting takes place, i.e. the procession in which the simulacra of Christ and the Madonna are reunited.

Given the central location where the rites and processions will be held, we recommend staying in our Birkin Marinain the heart of the district of the same name and a stone's throw from Villanova and Stampace.

3. Feast of Sant'Efisio, a rite that unites

Spring is special for Cagliari for many reasons. Among them, there is undoubtedly the celebration of the most important religious rite of the year, not only for the city of Cagliari, but also for the neighbouring towns. On the first of May in Cagliari, in addition to celebrating Workers' Day, you can also attend the traditional and evocative Feast of Sant'Efisio, which this year celebrates its 364th edition.

The procession, or rather the pilgrimage that will accompany the Saint from Cagliari to Pula, opens with the traditional oxcarts from the Campidano area, followed by the numerous folk groups from all over the island, then followed by the horses and the chariot hosting Sant'Efisio. The procession, starting from Via Azuni, will follow the traditional route through the Stampace district, before heading towards the Church of Giorgino. On 4 May the event closes with the return of the Saint from the city of Pula, at around 10 pm.

The ritual is strongly felt by the island's inhabitants. An event that we advise you not to miss if you choose to visit Cagliari between the end of April and the beginning of May. To sleep, in this case, we recommend our Birkin Porto 1870 which, with its central position in Via Roma, will allow you to experience the whole event from the front row.

4. Museums and cultural events

In Cagliari, spring brings good news also in the cultural world. Events, exhibitions and guided tours enliven the city and make it even more special for those who choose to visit for a short weekend.

So let's start with the next FAI Spring Daysscheduled for 26 and 27 March, during which it will be possible to visit the Saline Conti Vecchi in Cagliari, an industrial archaeological site dating back to the 1930s, which will be presented through period settings, historical documents and immersive video projections.

Until 12 June, at the Galleria dello Sperone in the Bastione Saint Remy, you can visit the new temporary exhibition Galileo Galilei - Measuring infinity. Ideal to visit with children, but also a lot of fun for adults, it displays the reconstruction of the scientist's machines alongside twelve works from the Civic Museums' Contemporary Art Collection .

Until 22 May,EXMA is hosting the temporary exhibition "You can't kill time with your heart"the exhibition designed by Salvatore Campus, shows the paintings of Silvia Mei, Narcisa Monni, Veronica Paretta, Vincenzo Pattusi, Paolo Pibi and Giuliano Sale, the artistic generation of the 1970s and 1980s, travellers and connoisseurs of the world, but always linked to their origins.

In this case, we recommend that you stay in our Birkin Castle. The neighbourhood that houses it is also home to the city's most important museums and cultural centres.

5. Nature and... tulips

Since we are in spring, we cannot fail to mention an interesting excursion outside the city that you could make during your spring stay in Cagliari. For a few years now, in spring, in the villages of Turri and Pimentel, it is possible to visit two beautiful tulip gardens that celebrate the blossoming of this flower.

The first, in the municipality of Turri, known as "Tulips in Sardinia"It is possible to visit the garden and buy the beautiful, freshly cut tulips by prior booking. The second, located in the municipality of Pimentel and called "The garden of Lu"can also be visited and the flowers purchased. The latter disseminates and supports important research, training and information projects on ovarian cancer, as well as charitable and voluntary initiatives organised by the Association of the same name.

The former is about 50 minutes from Cagliari, the latter only half an hour. A half-day trip out of town, which will allow you to get to know another side of the island in this beautiful and fragrant season.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for visiting Cagliari in spring. Follow us to discover more, for all tastes and all seasons, on the blog and on our social networks.

Molentargius: 5 new paths to discover the Park

The Molentargius Park is one of our favourite naturalistic locations in Cagliari. Maybe because it is home to our Birkin Apartmentsor because we think it is one of the most beautiful and characteristic natural parks in the city. What matters is that the Park is increasingly rich in elements that make it unique, attracting many types of travellers and explorers, and this can only make us happy.

Among other things, a few days ago five new routes were announced that will allow visitors to get to know the park and its surroundings from new perspectives. The routes, totalling almost 20 km, can be travelled on foot, by bike and on horseback. Another noteworthy aspect that places Cagliari among the best eco-sustainable tourist destinations is the care and attention paid to green mobility.

The five new paths in Molentargius, created by the regional authority in collaboration with Forestas, Cai Cagliari and the Rotary Club Cagliari, are not yet fully defined, but are under construction. There are already signs and arrows to indicate directions and travel times, but they are being implemented and updated throughout the park area.

The trails are suitable for everyone, from the youngest to the most experienced adults: long and short trails to look at the Parco di Molentargius and its nature in a new way.

Many routes, each one more beautiful than the last.

One of the five routes (700), the longest, is the one that allows you to reach the Quartu Sant'Elena area starting from Cagliari, from the La Palma district, and passing by the evaporating tanks, the rollone and the shelter for the forced labourers. 5.9 km that can be covered on foot, by bike or on horseback, in groups or alone, immersed in the nature of the Park with a view of the coloured waters of the former saltworks. The itinerary can also be followed in reverse, as suggested by the website Sardegna Sentieri, from which you can download the detailed map: Sentiero 700 - Quartu La Palma

The second path (701), 4.7 km long, runs along the greater Molentargius Bellarosa pond, starting from the La Palma district and ending in Via della Musica in Quartu Sant'Elena. This is an internal route that crosses the whole of the park's equipped area, as far as the salt pans in the Perda Bianca locality. The road is unpaved and can be followed on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. From this path it is possible to connect to two other paths, the path 701-A and the path 701-B. On the website of Sardegna Sentieri the detailed map: Trail 701 - La Palma Via della Musica

The third path (702), a little shorter than the others, again links the two territories of Quartu Sant'Elena and Cagliari, always starting from the La Palma district. The 3 km route is characterised by the encounter between theindustrial architecture and theavifauna that together make the Parco di Molentargius unique. The path runs along an asphalt road, a dirt road and a cycle track and can be covered on foot or by bicycle. Finally, the arrival at Poetto will certainly repay the effort of the route. On the website of Sardegna Sentieri the detailed map: Trail 702 - La Palma Hippodrome

Footpaths 703 and 704 are the shortest, each taking 15 to 30 minutes. The first remains within the La Palma district, crossing it until it reaches Via dei Tritoni. The second, on the other hand, is about 2 km long and, after crossing Viale Colombo, re-enters the Park, remaining in the municipality of Quartu and reaching the dirt car park in Via Is Arenas - Via Don Giordi.

On the Sardegna Sentieri website you will find maps of all the trails: Sentieri Parco di Molentargius

At the end of the journey and after so much effort, one deserves the right rest. So, if we are talking about Molentargius, the ideal solution for sleeping and resting well are our splendid Birkin Apartments, located next to the entrance to the park.

As well as giving you a location that is more unique than rare, the Birkin Apartments are ideal for those seeking peace, privacy and independence. In fact, the flats are equipped with everything you need to make the most of your holiday, whether short or long, ample space both inside and outside, a private car park inside the property and if you really want to take a trip to the city centre, it will only take you 10 minutes by car.

The perfect solution for families who, in addition to museums, the beach and entertainment, want to get away from the chaos of the city and enjoy the silence and slow pace of nature.

For more information or reservations, visit the Birkin Apartmentspage of the website.

We hope you enjoy our updates and that they help you to get to know and visit the city of Cagliari and its wonders better. Keep reading and following us to keep up to date with news, on the blog and on our social networks.

Christmas in Cagliari: 8 (+1) gift ideas to buy in the city

The rush for Christmas presents has also begun in Cagliari , so we thought "why not give some advice on the various types of gifts that could be bought in the city? ". In this way, as well as giving you new ideas, we will introduce you to Cagliari realities that you may not yet know, from food to the world of books, design and vintage.

Of course, we could talk about gift ideas for a whole day, but in this article you will find a number of unique and original businesses in the city of Cagliari, which have skilfully differentiated themselves from the competition in terms of quality, professionalism and, yes, also in terms of kindness and sympathy, and which we therefore highly recommend.

Let's get started!

Food & Drink: gifts always appreciated!

We could write a whole book about this category, but we will make a small selection of what could be special gifts, because special is the care with which these foods are prepared.

  1. Let's start with dessert: the handcrafted Panettone from the master pastry chef and chocolatier Leonildo Contiswhich you can buy a few steps away from our Birkin Porto 1870in the Marina district in Via Concezione, 7. Leonildo's Panettone comes from a long family confectionery tradition, which began in 1924 in Sanluri and is now in its third generation. There are many flavours: from traditional to chocolate, apple and cinnamon, red fruits or white chocolate, pistachio and candied lemon.
  2. A few steps away from our Birkin Porto 1870, in Vico dei Mille 1, you will find the Bottega Sabores. Here, as well as enjoying a good aperitif, you can choose the best artisan products of Sardinian food and wine in a selection of Christmas baskets and boxes. One of our favourites is the classic Christmas hamper, made up of Moscato Sabores, artisan Panettone, raw milk Pecorino cheese, pork sausage, Pane carasau, chocolate and peach and saffron jam. A perfect gift for greedy friends.
  3. For wine lovers, on the other hand, we recommend a visit to the enoteca (but not only) Bel Mangiarein Viale Sant'Avendrace 119. Here, as well as finding lots of local food and wine products, you can choose from a selection of wines from the best national wineries and craft beers. The friends of Bel Mangiare will be able to accompany you in your choice, advising you which good food to accompany the wine you have chosen.

Books, Design & Vintage

For friends who love printed paper, but also for all those who love design, vintage, fashion and art in general, here are some gift ideas:

  1. At a time when e-commerce is setting records in terms of takings, there are some "offline" realities that stand out for the uniqueness and quality of their products. the Via Sulis bookshop in Cagliari. It is not just a bookshop, but a place where you can find unique design pieces, from the most iconic to the most modern, vintage pieces and a rich section dedicated to photography, with gift proposals that really cover all tastes. Don't miss thelimited edition collection by Antonio Marras and the posters dedicated to Cagliari by Stefano Asili.
  2. For those who love fabric design, we can only recommend the "works of art" of Caterina Quartana. Caterina Quartanaa Sardinian textile designer who every year creates truly unique collections of furniture and fashion, from cushions to chairs, from scarves to clutch bags. For years we have relied on her creativity and professionalism for the textiles of our Birkin Hotels, and for Christmas we think they could be truly original gifts for a mother, a friend or a sister.
  3. For design lovers, in Viale Trieste 37 you will find the Passamonti showroom where, among other things, you can buy small or large furnishing accessories by the most famous brands. Very special are the Vitra Design Museums, a collection of small reproductions in wood, plastic or metal of the most famous works of Italian and international design.
  4. For vintage in the city, however, just say Recyclerie, the shop in Via Garibaldi 74 that has become a guarantee for those looking for vintage clothing and accessories from all over the world: from bags to jewellery, from Polaroids to clothes and sunglasses. A true paradise for lovers of quality second-hand goods.
  5. The last gift idea, but no less original, is the service offered by Annalisa di Malia Concept Storewho, as well as selling sophisticated and innovative clothing collections and accessories in her shop at Via Giampiero Chironi 36, offers the chance to spend a few hours with her for a one-to-one consultation, so that you can choose the right clothes at your leisure, in an intimate and reserved space.

Experiences in the City: unique gifts to share together

How could we not mention the experience section? This is where we fall, of course. In fact, we think that a stay at one of our establishments can be particularly appreciated by those seeking relaxation and well-being in the City during the Christmas holidays.

For this reason, if you are looking for a different Christmas gift to share with your sweetheart or an old friend, we recommend you book a stay in our hotels, accompanied by an unmissable visit to the city of Cagliari, which during the Christmas holidays lights up in an even more special light.

To do so, just check our proposals and choose the date you prefer from our website. websiteIn addition to our rooms located in unique locations, such as the Castello district or the arcades of Via Roma, you will have a breakfast in the morning that will make your stay at the Birkin Hotel even more magical.

We hope our tips have given you some great ideas for your next Christmas present, and who knows, we'll see you around the holidays if you choose to give theBirkin Hotel experience to someone you love. Keep reading and following us to discover more ideas and tips, for all tastes and all seasons, on the blog and on our social media.

Sardinia around the corner: 4 itineraries from our Birkin Hotels

Cagliari, in addition to its historical, scenic and cultural charm, has a special feature for those who choose to stay there: its strategic location!

Located in the southern part of the island, it is the best solution for those who choose to visit Sardinia but have little time available. As the regional capital, there are numerous sea, land and sky connections, allowing tourists to arrive in any way and in any season of the year. FromCagliari-Elmas airport, which connects the city to the rest of Europe, to ferries to and from Italy, to road connections from north to south, Cagliari becomes the ideal crossroads for those who choose to discover the island on the move.

From here, we like to think that our City always has Sardinia around the corner, with its thousand facets: the more romantic and traditional, the adventurous and dynamic, to the more glamorous and refined. A meeting point and arrival point to discover, at every turn, the true essence of this island. 

It is for this reason, then, that we feel fortunate to have our Birkin Collection located in some of the most exclusive locations in the City: from them it is in fact possible to reach many other places on the Island in a short time, taking advantage of their strategic position and internal connections.

So we thought:

Why not propose to our readers 4 itineraries inspired by our Birkin structures? Places easily reachable from Cagliari, with short or medium trips, that in some way recall the style, soul and nature of each structure. Let's start!

1. Birkin Marina: a sea-view excursion in Sinis

Just as our Birkin Marina overlooks the sea at Cagliari, its itinerary also had to be 'sea view'. That's why we chose the Oristanese as our route, with Cabras, San Giovanni di Sinis and the Is Arutas beach, which is beautiful even out of season.

From Birkin Marina it is 107 km to the first stage: Cabras. An hour and a bit more by car, along the SS 131, will allow you to reach one of the most evocative places in Sardinia, where important fragments of the history of the Sardinian people are preserved. In fact, among many other things, it is the place where the complex of the Giants of Mont'e Prama emerged, the sandstone giants now exhibited partly at the Civic archaeological museum and partly in Cagliari.

Continuing along the SP6 road, it takes about 15 minutes to reach San Giovanni di Sinis and the town.Archaeological Area of Tharrosfounded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century B.C. as a flourishing commercial centre, then a Roman and Byzantine town, the first capital of the Judicial period, frequented until the Middle Ages, today well preserved and open to visits all year round.

Turning back onto the SP6, until you reach the characteristic western village of San Salvatore, you continue on to the unique beach of Is Arutas: the beach of rice grains. This is the jewel of the Cabras area and the Sinis Peninsula, often at the top of international rankings and considered among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here, before taking the car back to Cagliari, a good dish of spaghetti with clams and local bottarga ( fish eggs) is a must.

2. Birkin Castello: as romantic and traditional as Barbagia

How far is our Birkin Castle from the heart of Sardinia? 2 hours by car and about 170 km. A fairly quick journey to the area at the foot of the Gennargentu, rich in villages and age-old traditions, rediscovered in recent years thanks to the events of Autumn in Barbagia.

Autumn is the best season to discover this area, but as it is too wide, we recommend the following itinerary: Gavoi, Fonni, Desulo and Artizo.

Arriving from the SS131, after taking the Ottana junction, the first stop is Gavoiat the foot of the Gennargentu, is the "jewel" village built entirely of granite and overlooking Lake Gusana. As well as being beautiful, the food in Gavoi is excellent: it is the home of the Fiore Sardo (Sardinian flower) and you can also visit the museum dedicated to it.

Continuing on the SS128, in about 15 minutes, you reach Fonni, the mountain village par excellence in Sardinia. Surrounded by the Gennargentu woods, the fresh autumn air welcomes you to the main square, full of murals, where you can enjoy an aperitif and buy the famous Fonni biscuits. Of course, Fonni is famous for its colder season of snow and ski slopes, but in autumn you will discover unique colours and scents.

Not to be missed, continuing along the SP7 in the direction of Desulo, is a visit to the Donnortei Park where a beautiful nature trail is organised to discover the local wildlife, with lunch at the Agriturismo.

The third stop is Desulo, which can be reached from Fonni after a few kilometres of bends, immersed in an evocative, almost Nordic landscape, among holm oaks, chestnut groves and wild animals, where you can stop to pick some chestnuts. Once in the village, you can wander through the lanes of the historic quarters, among the shale houses and murals, perhaps savouring the traditional local cold cuts.

The last stop before returning to Cagliari, passing through the small village of Belvì, is Aritzo, the village of chestnuts, perfect to visit in this season. Not to be missed is the ethnographic museum of the Sardinian mountains, which reconstructs the agro-pastoral culture of the Barbagia region through a wealth of traditional clothing, masks, craft and cooking tools.

3. Birkin Porto: as authentic and sophisticated as Alghero

From Birkin Porto 1870 there are 249 km to cover to get to the city of Alghero. A 2 hour 45 minute journey, which is well worth the effort.

Like our Birkin Porto, overlooking the Gulf of Cagliari, Alghero opens out onto the sea, with its ramparts, red roofs and splendid natural inlets. An island within an island, it differs from the other Sardinian towns because of its strong link with Catalonia, recognisable almost everywhere: from the architectural and town-planning details, to the language of its inhabitants, to the signs of its churches and its oldest buildings.

Once in town, don't miss a visit to the historic centre and a walk along the ramparts overlooking the sea, theCapo Caccia - Isola Piana marine area, where hundreds of treasures are kept, including Neptune's cave, the Porto Conte Park and the many beaches, which are beautiful even out of season.

4. Birkin Apartments: from the Molentargius Park to the Giara di Gesturi Park

The Molentargius Park, which is home to our guests, is about 80 km from the Birkin Apartmentsfrom the Park of the Giara of Gesturi. An hour's drive that seems adequate to propose an itinerary as if it were a twinning between the two parks, where wild nature reigns, where you can devote a few hours to movement, adventure and exploration, even with children.

Before arriving in Gesturi, a small village to the north of the historic Marmilla region, on the SS197 road to Barumini, continue to Tuili on the SP7 road to the entrance to the Parco della Giara, a nature museum housing over 350 botanical species and more than 100 animal species, including the famous Giara horses, a protected species whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Here you can book guided tours, also suitable for children, to immerse yourself in a unique experience.

On the way back, an obligatory stop is Barumini and its splendid Su Nuraxi Nuraghe, and then up to Gesturi, before returning to Cagliari, to visit its historic centre, its narrow streets and houses with portals and arched verandas, the churches in the historic centre and the country sanctuaries.

We hope you have enjoyed our combinations, transformed into itineraries, and that they will allow you to get to know the island from a new angle, starting from our Birkin Hotels. Keep reading and following us to discover new ones, for all tastes and all seasons, on the blog and on our social networks.

Welcome back autumn: 5 things to do in Cagliari

Autumn at last, the season that slowly unfolds in Cagliari, like a sweet continuation of summer. Mild temperatures, ideal for discovering the city and its territory, including nature and urban trekking, food and wine tours and visits to museums and exhibitions.

From the end of September to the beginning of November, Cagliari reveals itself in all its beauty for those who choose to visit it. In fact, the milder temperatures, compared to those in July and August, allow you to discover its most evocative places without too much effort and at any time. 

Its strategic position makes it easy to reach other places on the island that are usually very crowded in the summer: from the beautiful beaches of Chia, Pula, Villasimius and Costa Rei, to the villages of central Sardinia, the spas and the archaeological sites of Marmilla.

Today, therefore, we would like to suggest 5 things that we think you should definitely not miss if you are planning to visit Cagliari in autumn. Let's start!

1. Bathing out of season

The Poetto beach, although 8 km long, is very crowded and noisy in summer. From the end of September to the end of October, however, it shows itself in all its splendour, from morning to evening. The clear and still quite warm water will allow you to take one or more regenerating swims, perhaps alternating with a plate of spaghetti alle vongole or a drink, served by the numerous kiosks along the seafront.

Poetto is undoubtedly the most famous beach in the Sardinian capital, but Cagliari offers other lesser-known and very attractive seaside locations, especially in autumn. First and foremost, Calamosca and Cala Fighera: the former, small and at the foot of an ancient lighthouse, is characterised by a beach of fine white sand, ideal for relaxing with the whole family; the latter, particularly suggestive because it is at the foot of the rocky cliffs of the Sella del Diavolo (Devil's Saddle), is ideal for the more adventurous who love snorkelling or spending a few hours in a canoe.

Finally, the small village of Sant'Elia has a small beach, usually occupied by very few people, mostly locals. An intimate beach, nestled between the Mediterranean scrub, the limestone coastline and a crystal clear sea.

2. Castello, Marina, Villanova and Stampace: urban tour

If there is a better time to embark on an urban tour of Cagliari's historic districts, it is autumn. The cool temperatures will help you as you walk up the slopes of Castello and through the narrow streets of Marina, Stampace and Villanova.

Castello, which houses our Birkin Castello, is located just over 100 metres above sea level, on the highest hill in the city. Surrounded by defensive walls of Pisan origin, bastions and towers, it was once the residence of Cagliari's wealthiest and noblest social class. Today, with its historical residences, museums and breathtaking views over the rest of the city, it is certainly one of the most suggestive places to visit in Cagliari. Don't miss a visit to the museums during the tour (as already mentioned in this old article).

Marina, the district where our Birkin Marina and Birkin Porto 1870 were born, is the city's gateway to the sea. Today, popular with tourists for its numerous restaurants, trattorias, bars and shopping facilities, it contains and preserves many unmissable archaeological sites, including the Church of Sant'Eulalia and its archaeological site.

Villanova, once inhabited by peasants and craftsmen, has undergone a major urban redevelopment that makes it one of the most animated neighbourhoods. Characterised by very narrow streets, one is immersed in old craft shops, small colourful houses, small restaurants and nightclubs, as well as encountering some of Cagliari's most important churches , including the Basilica of San Saturnino, the Church of San Giacomo, the Cloister and the Crypt of San Domenico.

Stampace, one of the oldest quarters of the city, of Pisan origin, today preserves some of Cagliari's most important archaeological sites and monuments, such as theRoman Amphitheatre, theBotanical Garden, the Crypt of Santa Restituta and the Church of Sant'Efisio.

3. Authentic flavours: the Borgo di Giorgino

Cagliari, like the rest of Sardinia, preserves ancient gastronomic traditions, mainly very much linked to fishing. As well as enjoying the restaurants in the streets of the historic centre, each offering its own cuisine, from the most traditional to the most modern and gourmet, we recommend a visit to the historic fishing village of Giorgino.

Here, just a few kilometres from the town centre, you will be immersed in a deep-rooted maritime culture, in which the inhabitants of the Borgo are the real protagonists, together with their cuisine, which is strictly fish-based. So much so that in September, for over 30 years, the Borgo has hosted the important Fish Festival: for the occasion, the various types of fish that can be found in the sea at Giorgino are cooked according to ancient recipes jealously guarded by the Borgo's inhabitants.

4. Hiking and trekking for the more sporty

Cagliari has the good fortune to be set in a naturalistic territory that allows the more sporty to immerse themselves in walks, excursions and trekking. One of the most suggestive is certainly the short trek from Borgo Sant'Elia to the top of the Sella del Diavolo (Devil's Saddle): a walk of about 45 minutes, amidst breathtaking views of the sea, the Roman cisterns, the ruins of the Vittorini monastery and the ruins of the Sella del Diavolo. Gulf of AngelsRoman cisterns, the ruins of the Vittorini monastery and fragrant Mediterranean scrub. An easy adventure and ideal for children.

Another special mention, especially for those who love industrial architecture, are the old salt pans of the Molentargius Park, which can be visited on foot or by bicycle (as already mentioned in this article) and the Conti Vecchie Saltworkswhich is now part of the FAI heritage. The latter recount and preserve for Cagliari an important industrial history, the one linked to the white gold of the salt pans, still active today. The visit at the end of September, during the salt harvest, is very suggestive and includes a tour by train through the pans, aperitifs with music, workshops and special visits for children, all of which can be booked on the FAI website.

5. Nature at zero km: Parks in the City

Cagliari, in addition to Molentargius, already mentioned above with its ancient salt pans and home to our Birkin Apartments, is home to numerous natural parks that allow tourists to relax surrounded by nature, without having to engage in excursions or trekking.

Monte Claro, Monte Urpino and Colle San Michele are certainly the best known and most easily reached, even on foot. Rich in vegetation, large green meadows, ponds, small animals and sports facilities, they are the ideal place for those who visit the City in autumn and want to lie down on the grass to rest after their visit to the City.

The Tuvixeddu hill is particularly suggestive: although small, it preserves an important piece of the city's archaeological history. The area, in fact, is more of an open-air archaeological site than a classic city park, in which you can discover the ancient Phoenician-Punic necropolis and its numerous well burials that preserve an important testimony to the Mediterranean of wall paintings of North African matrix. Finally, from this park, you can admire one of the most suggestive sunsets in Cagliari.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for visiting Cagliari during autumn. Follow us to discover new ones, for all tastes and all seasons, on the blog and on our social networks.

Poetto beach Cagliari

Poetto Beach: sun, sea and sport

Cagliari's Poetto Beach , also known as the "beach of the hundred thousand" is the sandy coastline of the Gulf of Angels, which starts from Marina Piccola and the Sella del Diavolo (Devil's Saddle) and reaches the territory of Quartu Sant'Elena.

The important modernisation carried out a few years ago of the entire stretch of beach, including the casotti, bars and lidos, has given Poetto a new image. For many people it now recalls the much sought-after beaches of California, equipped with all comforts and facilities for any kind of leisure and sporting activity. So it is easy today to take a simple walk in the extensive pedestrian area, or a run on foot, by bike or on roller skates. There are also numerous beach volleyball, tennis and paddle courts, and it is easy to find small local companies that organize sailing, surfing, snorkeling and canoeing courses.

Poetto is easily accessible from the centre, either by car or by public transport. In a few minutes you can reach the beach, where you can enjoy happy moments of relaxation, a refreshing swim and a good meal of fresh fish in the local restaurants.

Museums of Cagliari: the route that lets you discover them all

Cagliari is a city rich in museums, which tell and preserve its history. If we add to the list also the archaeological sites, indoor and outdoor, the list could become endless. Therefore, we will briefly tell you which route to follow in order to get to know Cagliari's museums in the easiest way possible.

From the Citadel of Museums to the places of worship where the important religious history of the city is preserved, up to the Roman amphitheatre and the Botanical Garden for nature and archaeology lovers. Cagliari is rich in Museums, outdoor and indoor, which are worth knowing and visiting.

The most important cultural centre is the Citadel of Museums, which consists of the National Picture Gallery with its magnificent retables, the National Archaeological Museum national museum with its precious testimonies of the Nuragic era and which today houses part of the Statues of the Giants of Monte Prama, the collection of Clemente Susini's anatomical waxes and the collection of the Ethnographic Museum.

A short distance from the Citadel, you will find the Municipal Art Gallery, immersed in the nature of the Public Gardens with its characteristic secular ficus. Municipal Art Gallerywhich houses the beautiful permanent collection of contemporary Sardinian artists, including the works of Francesco Ciusa. 

In the heart of the Castello district, the old City Palace houses today the seat of the Musei Civici Cagliaritani, that is to say interesting and unique art exhibitions, both modern and contemporary.

From Castello we go to Stampace to enter the greenest museum of the city: the .Botanical Garden of Cagliari. Inaugurated in 1866, under the direction of Prof. Patrizio Gennari, it preserves about 2000 vegetable species, mainly native of the Mediterranean, but with a good presence of succulent and tropical plants. It is also of particular interest to lovers of archaeology, given the presence of ancient Roman cisterns, entirely walkable and surrounded by nature.

For the most devout and religious people, we recommend a visit to the museums of the Duomo, the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Bonaria, the Arciconfraternita dei Genovesi and the Beato Nicola da Gesturi. 

Cagliari in one day: the places not to be missed

Discovering the city of Cagliari in just one day is not easy, but with this article we will try to give you the essential information to be excited by the Sardinian capital in such a short time.

The district of Castello, home of our Birkin Castello, can be easily reached on foot, or by going up the Marina district you can speed up the climb thanks to the lifts located next to the Bastion Saint Remy and the stairs of Santa Chiara. At the top of the hill, in the noblest heart of the city, you can visit the bastions of Saint Remy and Santa Croce, immersing yourself in the breathtaking views and stopping, to catch your breath, to sip a drink or taste the local specialties in the bars and restaurants of the neighborhood.

After a well-deserved break, you will soon reach the medieval towers of the Elephant and San Pancrazio, which rise majestically to protect the neighborhood, opening onto Piazza Palazzo, which contains a good number of historical and artistic sites of great importance: the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Royal Palace and the City Palace, now home to the Civic Museums.

Crossing the threshold of the Tower of San Pancrazio, you reach Arsenale Square, today seat of the Citadel of Museums, which houses two national museums (Archaeological Museum and Art Gallery), a civic museum (Museum of Siamese Art "Stefano Cardu"), a regional ethnographic museum (Luigi Cocco Collection) and the Anatomical Wax Collection Clemente Susini.

Once the visit to the Museums is over, we leave the Castello district and walk along the panoramic Viale Buon Cammino, which leads us towards the Stampace district. Going down along Via Sant'Ignazio, you can admire the Roman Amphitheatre and, at the end of the descent, you can visit theBotanical Garden of Cagliari.

By now you have almost reached, once again, the lowest part of the City. From the botanical garden you will reach in a short time the highest part of the Stampace district in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, lively with bars and restaurants where you can enjoy an open-air lunch in the pedestrian area.

In the afternoon, from Piazza Matteotti, you can continue your visit moving, by car or by public transport, from the city centre to the Poetto beach. Regional Natural Park of Molentargius-Salineto the Poetto beach, also known as the "beach of the hundred thousand".

After a long walk, surrounded by nature and away from the hectic chaos of the City, you can return to the hotel and enjoy the last moments of relaxation before departure.

Of course, we have only told you a small part of what you can see and admire in Cagliari, but for those who have little time this could be an ideal itinerary. The right amount of time to fall in love with this beautiful city in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Birkin Hotel Molentargius

Molentargius Park: immerse yourself in nature

A few kilometres from the city and the Poetto beach, there is the beautiful Natural Park of Molentargius - The salt-pans.

The Park covers an area of about 1600 hectares, and was created in 1999 after careful work to design and enhance the site of international interest, an important resting and nesting place for numerous species of water birds, including pink flamingos, now one of the symbols of the city.

The history of the Park is closely linked to that of the Saline: an important industrial reality in Cagliari, it represented in the local history the most important site for the collection of sea salt.

Today, the Park is characterized by the mirrors of water of the former production system of the Saline, by the other salt pans (Cagliari salt pans) and by the Perda Bianca (former basin for the collection of mother water). From here it is easy to understand why visiting it represents a unique experience for those who choose to stay in Cagliari. A symbol of the city's industrial history, still clearly visible from the structures once dedicated to the extraction and collection of salt, together with the buildings of the early '900, as well as a symbol of protection and preservation of nature.

The undisputed protagonist of the Park is undoubtedly the Pink Flamingo. It is enough to take a walk among the ponds to see hundreds of them, flying or stopping in the shallow water. But not only flamingos, in Molentargius you can also admire species of surface and diving ducks, such as the Mallard, the Gadwall and the Shoveler, the Pochard and the Tufted Duck.

You can visit the Park on foot or by bike. These can be rented at the information point at the entrance to the Park, or if you choose our Birkin Apartmentsapartments, located a few meters from the main entrance, we will offer you the bikes for free.